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There is a huge amount to do and see around the area depending on your interests and tastes and there are lots of information leaflets in both the cottages to help you get the most from your break.

The history of the area goes back many centuries - from Norman times through to the moving story of the invasion of Normandy by the allied forces in 1944 to 1945.

The famous abbeys of La Lucerne and Hambye date from the 12th century, the small chateau in St. Pierre Langers was gifted to the family by William the Conqueror, for the part they played in the invasion of England.

Avranches was Patton's HQ following his 3rd Army's breakout to the Loire after D-Day (Cobra - 'La Percée'), and there are many poignant reminders of that time in the war graves around the area, particularly the American Cemetery at St. James and the German Cemetery at Huisines-sur-Mer, overlooking Mont St. Michel.

Granville - the 'Monaco of the North' - has an old town on a rocky promontary overlooking the sea, with the port and commercial district along the reclaimed land below, with its habourfront seafood restaurants and variety of nice shops. There's a fine beach, complete with sea-water swimming pool and you can get a bird's-eye view of the old ramparts above the beach. Art lovers will enjoy the Musée d'Art Moderne Richard Anacreon with its collection of Fauvist and Pointillist paintings. And Granville is also the birth place of Christian Dior, and his former summer house, the clifftop Villa les Rhumbs, is now the delightful Musée et Jardin Christian Dior.

The Chausey Islands (52 islands at high tide and 365 at low tide) are an interesting and attractive day out from Granville, and Jersey is also only a hour by hydrofoil from the town.

In Avranches there are also the famous Mont St. Michel Manuscripts, rescued from the Mont during the Revolution, on display in the Scriptorial.

Cheese, Calvados and Cider tours - the following website indicates tours specifically in the Calvados region of Normandy as well as the famous villages known for their cheeses. Why not start with the village of Camembert? Calvados, Cheese and Cider Tours

1 Day Hiking Tours - we are very lucky to have the beautiful Mont Saint Michel very close by and Guided Walking Tours are available across the Bay from Genêts, a local village. Do not be tempted to try and cross on your own, the tide comes in faster than a galloping horse!! For further information visit the Normandy Tourist information site.

Play Golf on one of the multiple courses around the area - there are plenty of opportunities to play golf in Normandy on a number of first class golf courses. For further information, please click here.

For further information on what to do and see in the surrounding 'Manche' area, please click on this link.

Festyland (a modern family theme park)

Christian Dior Museum

Chateau de Fougères

Mont St Michel


Scriptorial in Avranches


Labyrinth de la Baie

Champrepus Zoo


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